Association Magazine Production: Sensitive to Deadlines and Budgets

Doing your association magazine production with Ideas Communicated means you have a partner who will strive to take away all your headaches. We work with you from the early planning stages of a magazine issue. No matter how rough your manuscripts are, we read through them and come up with multiple art ideas for each one. Then, we have a conference call and hammer out exactly how to depict each article.

You will be in the driver’s seat, deciding exactly how you want the art to look, and we will make it happen. Customers love working with us on trade and association magazine production for the unique and extremely efficient system we use that gives them the option to make any editorial changes in the already laid-out document. We understand that no matter how well you edit, there are always last-minute changes. Our system means you can make changes, and so can we, without charging you extra for each Author’s Adjustment (AAs).

Learn more about our magazine design process that paves the way for smooth production.

  • “In 21 Years, Norm
    and his team have not missed a single deadline"

    -Jerry Holoman,
    Publisher Mobility Magazine

    “I like the fact that they do not nickel and dime us to death"

    –Paul Bergeron III,
    Communications Director,
    National Apartment Association