Association Magazine Design Customized for You and Your Members

For association magazine design that engages, informs, and interests your members, turn to Ideas Communicated. We have been designing magazines for over 30 years and understand that your magazine needs to be about you and your membership. Your association magazine design plays a critical role in this effort.

Ideas Communicated’s association magazine design is customized to your membership and focused on your member demographics. Whatever your subject matter, we brainstorm and find the best possible art to illustrate your concepts. With more than 30 years working with associations in the Washington D.C. area, we know how important your membership is, and we keep them in mind throughout our entire association magazine design process.

Ideas Communicated will become part of your association team, strengthening your communications role with your members. We are a seamless part of your team, responsive and flexible as if we were just down the hall.

Learn more about magazine design process and then contact us to learn what we can do for your organization.

  • “In 21 Years, Norm
    and his team have not missed a single deadline"

    -Jerry Holoman,
    Publisher Mobility Magazine

    “I like the fact that they do not nickel and dime us to death"

    –Paul Bergeron III,
    Communications Director,
    National Apartment Association